Yalla Group Limited is the largest MENA-based online social networking and gaming company, in terms of revenue in 2022. The Company operates two flagship mobile applications, Yalla, a voice-centric group chat platform, and Yalla Ludo, a casual gaming application featuring online versions of board games, popular in MENA, with in-game voice chat and localized Majlis functionality.

Building on the success of Yalla and Yalla Ludo, the Company continues to add engaging new content, creating a regionally-focused, integrated ecosystem dedicated to fulfilling MENA users’ evolving online social networking and gaming needs. Through its holding subsidiary, Yalla Game Limited, the Company has expanded its capabilities in mid-core and hard-core games in the MENA region, leveraging its local expertise to bring innovative gaming content to its users.

In addition, the growing Yalla ecosystem includes YallaChat, an IM product tailored for Arabic users; Waha, a social networking product featuring 3-D avatars; and casual games such as Yalla Baloot and 101 Okey Yalla, developed to sustain vibrant local gaming communities in MENA. Yalla is also actively exploring outside of MENA with Yalla Parchis, a Ludo game designed for the South American markets. Yalla’s mobile applications deliver a seamless experience that fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging, establishing highly devoted and engaged user communities through close attention to detail and localized appeal that profoundly resonates with users.

We believe our users love our platform for the following reasons:

  • Superior Social Experience

We provide a mobile platform for users to enjoy superior social experience online. Our mobile applications were inspired by offline social leisure activities in MENA. We bring such activities to the mobile Internet to make them more convenient.

  • Localized Appeal

We have developed the leading social networking and entertainment platform tailored for the local cultures of our target markets, particularly MENA. Leveraging our insights into MENA culture and local user preferences, we infuse our user interfaces with local cultural elements.

  • Voice-Centric Interaction Preferred by Users

Our users mainly interact through real-time voice chats on our platform. Compared to other forms of online communication such as texts, graphics or video, users are able to communicate more comfortably and effortlessly by voice.

  • Highly Interactive User Community

Instead of passively consuming content, users come to our platform in order to actively participate in the social leisure activities we offer. We believe these social interactions foster a sense of community among users and enable our platform to attract and retain users more effectively compared to other platforms.

  Our mission is to build the most popular destination for online social networking and entertainment activities in MENA.