Yalla Group Limited is the leading voice-centric social networking and entertainment platform in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA). Specifically tailored for the people and local cultures of the region, the Company’s flagship mobile application, Yalla, primarily features Yalla rooms, a reimagined online version of the majlis or cafés where people spend their leisure time in casual chats. Compared to other forms of live communication, voice chats are more common and socially suitable to the cultural norms in MENA.

The Company also operates Yalla Ludo, a mobile application featuring online versions of board games that are highly popular in MENA, such as Ludo and Domino.  In-game real-time chats and Ludo chat room functions are popular social networking features among users.

Through bottom-up attention to detail and localized appeal that deeply resonates with users, our mobile applications deliver a seamless user experience that foster a strong sense of belonging, creating a loyal and highly devoted and engaged user community.

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